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Monty's Dog Blog

Monty interviewed by Compelling Reads

Posted by : Monty on July 14, 2015


Kelly from Compelling Reads interviewed me for her book blog. In it I share a few of my well-kept doggie secrets.

The first thing I’d like to tell you is that dogs know way more than we let on. Way more. But we mostly play dumb, chase balls and wag our tails. Some dogs give away a little of what we can really do: Guide Dogs and Police Dogs, for instance. I’m a perfectly ordinary dog and I can understand everything you say. I can also open doors with my teeth and use a computer, although my big paws make tapping the keys difficult. You’d be amazed at how many dogs use Facebook and Twitter these days. Me included. Did you think they were people pretending to be dogs? Nope, they are real dogs.

My sense of smell is both my greatest asset and my downfall on many an occasion. Golden Retrievers are known to love food. But I’m a food addict. There! I’ve said it. Addict. Head drooping, tail tucked in. I’ve even thought of joining the local DWFA group (Dogs With a Food Addiction) but life’s been a bit hectic recently. Cheese makes me go weak at the knees. A discarded burger in the road is the reason why I was thrown out of the Guide Dogs in disgrace. I didn’t mean to abandon her in the middle of the road. I hang my head in shame! My obsession with food is also responsible for my unfortunate drool problem. When there’s something tasty on offer, I produce stalactites of the stuff. Very embarrassing, but I’m working on it.

Before my beloved master, Paddy, was murdered and I hooked up with detective Rose Sidebottom to find his killer, I was a carefree fellow and a bit of harmless duck- toppling was right up there at the top of my Fun List. I mean, ducks are so easy to push over when they sleep on one leg. But I never hurt them. And ducks are very capable of giving me a nasty peck, or the ultimate insult – a fart in the face. I also love fishing: standing knee-deep in cool river water and wait for a fish to get near enough so I can pounce, jaws wide. Thanks to David Attenborourgh’s program on brown bears hunting salmon, I’ve now honed my skills and catch a few.

My favourite toy is a very grubby, and therefore exactly-how-I-like-it, fluffy yellow duck. Once, Paddy placed my manky friend in the washing machine. It was a front loader, so just in time I snatched it away and hid it behind some hollyhocks. Even worse, every now and again, Paddy would insist on washing my doggie duvet cover. We’d argue over it, as I held one end in my jaws and Paddy hung on to the other. Of course, Paddy was the boss so I’d let go eventually, but I could never understand why he’d want to wash away my blissful cocktail of stink. Let me explain.

My bed is an aromatic archive of my adventures, places I’ve been, animals and people I’ve met, and even old bones I’ve chewed. Ah, those bones! Most important of all, it’s a heady history of Paddy himself. Every time he touched my bed, he left his loving scent, as well as details of where he’d been, who he’d touched and what he’d eaten. My short-term memory is as sharp as a puppy’s canines. But, my long-term memory is as poor as a where-the-hell-did-I-put-my-nuts squirrel. So, my bed holds my long-term memories for me, which means I can revisit them whenever I wish. All it takes is a quick snuffle.

Thanks for stopping by! Wooferoo!

Love from, Monty

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Paws of Approval

“It’s literally the best book I’ve ever read and I hope you publish another.”

Thanks Emma!

Emma Carlill contacted Monty through his website…

I look at my own dog now in a whole different light – especially out on walkies when she’s apparently checking her weemails! Loved it and I can’t wait for the next in this series!

Karen Manning, 5 stars on GoodReads

Monty and Me by Louisa Bennett is a cute and humorous cozy mystery.

Kristina, 5 stars on GoodReads

I thought the descriptions of the world through the eyes (or maybe nose) of a dog were quite brilliant. Who knew about a ladybird’s secret weapon?
I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to reading more about Monty and Rose.

Maggie MacDonald, 5 stars on GoodReads

Charming and uplifting. Monty is the new kid on the block among animal sleuths.

(this endorsement appears on the front cover)

Peter James, international best selling mystery author

Hello Monty. I’m here to leave you a wee-mail! I am 12 years old and am currently reading the amazing book that you star in, I wish I had a dog like you but I can’t as my mum has asthma and doesn’t tolerate fur or feathers. However, I once had a goldfish called Blaze who would follow me when I walked past and could follow my finger and do flips. He died of old age but I’m sure you would be good friends with him and that he would be clever enough to help with your mysteries (maybe even as clever as Dante) ; ) I hope you solve some more mysteries ( maybe one of your friends could be in trouble, keep your eyes peeled!) lots of love and scrummy bacon from, Susie x

Susie, 12 years old, sent an email to Monty

I loved Monty and Me. The book was unique, entertaining, quirky and uplifting.

Lisa Heidke, author

I really enjoyed reading this book, I loved the story and best of all I loved Monty.

Hannah Ward, 5 Stars on GoodReads

Loved it. I found it really hard to put down.

Gina Lunn, posted on Louisa Bennet’s Facebook profile

This book is amazing… Monty is simply fantastic. The chapters from Monty are the funniest, but also most emotional. I was in tears at the funeral.

Gilbster on

Pure joy to read! Intense, insightful and fun! By page 18 I had already realized that I had smiled, giggled and even laughed more than 10 times. Anyone who loves either reading or writing knows full well it is not an easy task to get laughs out of printed pages. Louisa Bennet does humour naturally, her wit is unforced and clever.

Anita Kovacevik on GoodReads

What a fantastic mystery with a pair of detectives that are smart and fun… Anyone who loves animals of any kind will fall for Monty. The ending set up a perfect beginning for book two and I’ll be watching for it.

Ann on GoodReads

I absolutely loved this book. Read it in a day, couldn’t put it down… The relationship between Rose and Monty has definitely hit the ground running and I am definitely going to be keeping an eye out for the next in this series.

Ashrae on

If you like Spencer Quinn’s “Chet & Bernie” mysteries (and I do), then you should love Monty and Me (which I did)… You don’t need to be a dog-lover to enjoy this though: the whodunit is cleverly constructed, the story gets along at a good clip, and there are quite a few laugh-out-loud moments. Something for everyone.

Mike on

A Monty is for life not just for Christmas. This endearing story is the perfect escapist read for young and old and has fun written all over it in six foot letters.

Philip Paterson

The dogs vs cats debate rages on, with Monty set to show off his detective skills and warm heart. I am delighted that we will be publishing Louisa’s charming and gripping tale about (wo)man’s best friend.

Katy Loftus

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